Empiricus crypto expert points out that Pokémon-inspired gaming token can ‚bomb‘ this year

Empiricus‘ analyst bets on the valorisation of NFTs in the game Axie Infinity, inspired by the universe of Pokemón.

Empiricus‘ crypto expert points out that Pokémon-inspired game token may ‚bomb‘ later this year’NEWS

Criptomoeda analyst at financial education firm Empiricus, André Franco, has published an article on the website Seu Dinheiro in which he points out that the non-functional tokens (NFT) of a game inspired by Japanese design Pokémon is „about to bombard the market later this year“.

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In the article „Pokémon is not just a game: the brand Bitcoin Era that dominated the entertainment market can now make you profit from cryptomoedas“, André Franco recalls the Pokémon Go fever, which in 2016 brought increased reality to the world of mobile games and generated a global fever.

Now, he highlights the game Axie Infinity, inspired by the original Pokémon universe and allowing players to battle, collect and create virtual creatures called „axies“, in addition to trading their properties through non-functional tokens. And it explains:

„But do you know what the big „draw“ of all this is? That these lands will be traded in the form of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), which are virtual collectibles that can be used as payment for various purposes. Each character, item and piece of land can be bought and sold by Axie Infinity market participants“.

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Empiricus‘ analyst argues that the more the „metavers“ of games attract users, „the more NTFs will be marketed to generate value to digital platforms, and highlights five major competitors in the universe of NFT game items: Decentraland, Somnium Space, Crypto Voxels, The Sandbox and finally Axie Infinity. And it completes:

„The game will trade most of its features in a cryptomeda. It will act as the ‚glue‘ that unites all members of the platform in three main functions: Staking: as an incentive to keep their assets in portfolio and support the growth of the game ecosystem, participants will be able to cede and block their NTFs to receive cryptomoeda; Form of payment: cryptomoeda will be accepted as payment for items in the game shop; Governance: the game treasury will receive the revenues generated by Axie Infinity and part of the rewards made in the ’staking‘, both paid in cryptomoeda“.

Still in beta phase, the game should be released in the second half of the year, which in the analyst’s view will cause the price of the game tokens to change „drastically upward“:

„This will be caused first by demand, then by greater interaction with the platform, and finally by a decrease in supply, since most of the lots will already have been sold. And where does the investor get into this? Well, if cryptomeda has the capacity to appreciate a lot in 2021, it is worth surfing on it. Even without playing, it will be possible to capture very expressive gains by owning some lots of the digital currency used in the game. Therefore, the recommendation is that you position yourself now to see profit still in the second half of this year“.

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The use of non-functional tokens has not been confined to the gamer universe. Several real assets have already won counterparts in NFTs to be traded, including at auction sites, among works of art, gems and even collector items.

This year, design creator Rick & Morty announced that he will auction his NFT art collection.

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